The No Programming, No Outsourcing Way to Create Your Own Software...

You Too Can Discover the Underground Secret Tool A Select Few "In the Know" Marketers Are Using to Quickly Create In-Demand, Hot Selling Software Products in as little as 30 minutes.

No Programming! - No Outsourcing! - No Experience!

From the Desk of Andy Brocklehurst
Somerset, UK

Dear Friend,

For the last couple of years I have been one of an elite group of people who have had access to an exciting tool that builds amazing software products without any programming.

And we’re not talking useless software that no one wants.

These are real sellable software products.

The Big Challenge I took… And What Happened...

I was out doing the school run one morning, I got back to my home office around 10am having just had this mad idea in the car.

How quickly could I come up with a product idea,
create the product and get it ready for launch?

I recorded myself doing the challenge and starting with no preparation, no product idea, nothing… I picked an idea, created it and had it ready for launch in less than six hours.

I’ll tell you how you can watch that video in a moment.

And that’s not the time it took to make the software, that is six hours to research, decide on a product, create it, prepare some launch copy, do an e-cover… everything.

I launched that product THE SAME DAY on the Warrior Forum as a ‘WSO’ (Warrior Special Offer).

Here are the sales figures for that product...

Not too shabby!

Even when you factor out the cut paid to affiliates it left me with a nice take of;

That's $3536.60 for six hours work!

And thats just from the initial launch done on the Warrior forum. I’ve since sold the same product through my own web site and other promotions and in two months its taken another $8,406 in sales. And it will continue to sell in the future too.

And this was just one simple piece of software created and built with Software Product Magic and not a single line of code in sight.

And this is not some one-time fluke either…

At the time of writing I have released dozens of products that were made using SPM.  Some launched as WSO's and many have been outside of the Warrior forum.   All of them have done well.

But I’m not the only one creating money making software using this tool…

Real Case Study...

How a Software Product Magic User with no mailing list launches two low-ticket products made with SPM
and pulls in over $3000 in 21 days…

When Adam Jackson got his hands on Software Product Magic he quickly launched two products.

Dispite releasing these products without having any existing mailing list, in just a few short days he pulled in some impressive sales figures...

Remember these are products that have been created super-rapidly and with NO PROGRAMMING using SPM and launched without any big push, no existing mailing list, and not a JV or ad-swap in sight.

And in a matter of days between them they pulled in over $3000!

How about making $1779 in 24 hours…

Right after those two launches Adam did his third wso product made with SPM and he took $1779 in the first 24 hours!

And remember, these products will continue to make sales and can be launched on their own sites using Clickbank, Paypal, RAP, etc.

These figures are just the initial money taken while selling at a discount as a “Warrior Special Offer”.

And those are his first attempts that did "OK".  Since then Adam has created other tools with Software Product Magic like the Web 3.0 Site Builder which sold thousands!

Are you starting to see the potential in selling software?

Software has a far higher percieved value than ebooks, pdf reports and the like because it is seen as something that solves a problem, and programs are something that not everyone can make (unless they have SPM of course!)

And I haven’t shown you the best sales figures yet.

But let’s take a moment to look at what exactly Software Product Magic is and how its going to enable you to quickly create money making software without programming…

What Exactly Software Product Magic is and
How Even the Greenest Newbie
Can Use it to Make Software.

There’s a few things the experts agree on when it comes to making a serious income from online marketing. One is that you have to have your own products and another is that software is currently one of the hottest commodities when it comes to digital content.

Software has been hot property for a while now and it shows no signs of slowing up.

In fact more people have made fortunes selling software than any other product on the Internet.

I know – I’m one of them.

Software has masses of huge advantages.

With software there’s no inventory to maintain, no shipping or logistics to worry about and with software your customers get instant gratification because it can be downloaded and used almost instantly.

And now you can make your own Software Programs and selling them.

Let me be super-clear here. You don’t need to know a line of programming and you don’t have to hire a programmer!

Sounds crazy doesn't it?

How can someone who doesn't know the first thing about programming build commercial, ready to sell software without a programmer and in a matter of hours, or minutes?

How Software Product Magic Works...

SPM works off simple templates that anyone can create. You then pull these into the program and tell it how you want it to interact with the software user. But this is all done “Wizard Style”, just follow the steps, fill in a few blanks, hit a button and out pops real, working, sellable software.

Is this like MYOS or ISB?

Yes – but only in the sense that things begin with a ‘recipe’…

There have been a few “recipe” based systems before this but Software Product Magic takes the concept to incredible new levels. The ‘recipie’ part is the only thing this really has in common, beyond that this is a hundred times more powerful.

Previous systems have limited you to putting out a single file or copying some data to the clipboard. To do anything clever you’ve had to use javascript which surely defeats the point of a system thats meant to make software without programming!

17 Program Ideas that You Could Make Super-Fast Using Software Product Magic…

The following are the result of a really quick brainstorm with a notepad and pen. Once you start coming up with ideas with SPM its hard to stop! I came up with this list in under 20 minutes.

And one of the ideas on this list has made me over $28,000 (and yes I can prove that)…


Affiliate Cash Site Builder.

Not only did I think this one was a good idea – I actually made it. In fact I made it twice in two variations using different affiliate programs. One I called “Micro Niche Site Maker” and the other “Clickbank Cash Raider”. Both sold exceptionally well and with just a few tweaks you could build and sell dozens of other variations on this.

What the software does: The user enters a niche, some affiliate ids (mine used Clickbank and Amazon), specify a few articles and press a button. Out pops a ready to upload mini site packed with affiliate links.

How to make it:

  • Make or find a niche mini site (I found mine on a PLR site).
  • Convert it so the key elements become “tags” (this took me about 25 minutes in a text editor).
  • Fire up SPM, point it at the folder and tell it to scan for tags.
  • Fill in the gaps so your software asks questions to get the information it will need, tell it that this will output files to a folder of the users choice.
  • Hit the build button

Total time spent: 60 minutes approx.


Instant e-Book Creator

Software Product Magic Pro has the ability to output a PDF file. How about using it to make a tool that enables people to create niche ebooks in minutes?

What the software does: The user enters a title and some basic information about the book they want to make. They drop in a selection of content which could be original or articles they have the PLR rights to. Specify some links to include, hit a button and the software generates a fully formatted PDF ready to upload and sell or give away.

How to make it:

  • Make a template for an ebook using any html editor.
  • Drop “tags” in where the content will go.
  • Fire up SPM, point it at the folder and tell it to scan for tags.
  • Fill in the gaps just like before and tell it that the output needs to be converted to a PDF.
  • Hit the build button.

Total time spent: 20-30 minutes approx.


WordPress Plugin Configurator.

Both myself and Adam Jackson have had great success using SPM to make ‘configurators’ for WordPress plugins.

What the software does: Lots of people are scared stiff of editing PLR plugins to put their own details in. So take that fear away, build a tool that does it for them and then sell it! The user enters some basic details like their name and some plugin information and out pops a ready to upload pre-configured version of the plugin..

How to make it:

  • Start with a WordPress plugin you have either got PLR rights to, written yourself or outsourced the writing of (Once again I got mine from my favorite ‘rights’ web site).
  • Edit the main file changing the details to “tags” (this takes 2 minutes with a plugin).
  • Fire up SPM, scan for tags.
  • Set up the ‘questions’ and tell it that this will output files to a folder of the users choice.
  • Hit the build button.

Total time spent: 5-15 minutes approx per plugin.


Kindle Book Creator

Kindle can work with both PDF or HTML files. Both formats that Software Product Magic can generate.

What the software does: This would be similar to the Instant Ebook Creator detailed above but with the formatting and layout suited to the Kindle format.

How to make it:

This is the same as Instant Ebook Creator but you’re going to set the margins and layout to meet the specifications, it might take a few minutes longer to ensure you have those settings correct but other than that this is dead simple.

Total time spent: 30-40 minutes approx.


Calorie or BMR Calculator.

Unlike previous “recipe” systems, Software Product Magic doesn’t have to output “files”. This opens it up to create many other kinds of software.

What the software does: The user enters details of their sex, age, weight and height as well as details about how active (or inactive) they are each day. They press a button and the software gives them an on-screen breakdown of what their calorific intake should be if they want to lose weight. You could make other health niche calculators too.

There is a sample of this exact program supplied with Software Product Magic.

  • Find/Research the calculations – I found the ones I needed from a simple Google search in under 5 minutes.
  • ​Make a page with a free WYSISYG editor which will be the output page.
  • Put the calculations into SPM
  • Hit the build button.

Total time spent: 25-35 minutes approx per plugin.


Countdown Creator.

What the software does: The user enters a little information about their web site and sets the expiry time and date for the countdown. They hit a button and the software generates all the code they need in an instant or even a fully set up web page.

How to make it:

I have made and included this one in the samples that get supplied with SPM. Here is what I did;

  • I found a countdown template with full PLR.
  • I replaced the settings with ”tags”
  • Finally I ran SPM, pointed it at the folder, scanned for the tags and set up the questions.

Total time spent: 10 minutes.


Business Valuation Calculator.

What the software does: The user enters details about their business and at the push of a button they are shown a full valuation of their business (which they can optionally print out).

How to make it:

  • A fairly quick search of the internet will reveal many formula for calculating the value of a business.
  • Design an output screen that shows the business name, value and a few other details, these figures are all ‘tags’.
  • Create your software in SPM, take the formula you found and enter into the evaluation type tags.
  • Hit that “Build” Button!

Total time spent: 60 minutes approx.


Resume Writer

What the software does: Asks the user for the relevant information to create the perfect resume or C.V. They hit a button and it creates them a The user enters detainicely laid out, job winning resume which they can immiediatly print out or email to prospective employers.

How to make it:

  • Do a quick bit of research on how to lay out a great resume, build a template in any wysiwyg html editor.
  • Drop the tags in where the users data will go.
  • Pull it into SPM, scan for the tags automatically, set up how you want it to ask the questions and in what order.
  • Set it to output either as html or directly as a pdf document.

Total time spent: (including research time) 75 minutes.


Domain Cash Parking Machine

What the software does: Asks the user a few questions about the domain name and generates a cash parking page packed with relevant affiliate links.

How to make it:

This is another dead easy one page template with some keyword related affiliate links. Dead easy to make and in very little time, yet of big value to anyone with unused domain names.

Total time spent: 20 - 30 minutes approx.


Easy Award Creator.

What the software does: People and companies that offer certifications or awards have to sit and produce hundreds of these at a time. Some use a word template to speed the process up but you still have to move about and make sure you don’t mess up the formatting as you go. This can be time consuming and frustrating. This software makes the whole process a breeze. Now they just answer the questions asked by the software like “recipient name”, “award name”, etc.

Press a button and the award is generated with perfect alignment every time and ready to print!

How to make it:

I actually built this as an example while I was writing the manual for Software Product Magic!

All you need to do is create a quick template, I used my favorite html editor which is dead easy. Where the various bits of information are going to appear you put in tags. Open it in SPM, set up how you want the questions asked and tell it to display the file when done so all the user needs to do is hit the print button. 

Total time spent: 12 minutes.


​Affiliate Link Cloaking Software.

What the software does: Outputs the required html files to hide or cloak affiliate links.

How to make it:

There are dozens of examples of how to make a cloaked link on the internet but they scare off the average user. It’s literally a two minute job to grab one of these, drop a tag in where the original has the link to cloak and configure it up. Sometimes its the simplest ideas that perform amazingly well online.

Total time spent: 5 - 10 minutes.


Exit Pop-up, Pop-in, Pop Under Generator.

What the software does: Lets the user enter a few details like the type of pop-up, size, title, content, etc. Push a button and out pops the pre-configured code for them.

How to make it: Finding the samples for this is dead easy, there are dozens of free examples with no copyright on them. Replace the values with tags, run it through SPM and the jobs done!

Total time: 15 - 60 minutes depending on how many pop-ups you cater for!


​Sales Letter Writer/Generator

What the software does: Lets the user answer a few questions about their product and out pops a web ready sales page.

How to make it:

Finding samples and templates for sales letters is pretty straighforward (I found a load on a PLR rights site), drop in some tags and you are set to go. Use features like combo boxes to offer headline structures which they can then edit to fit their product for a really pro solution

Total time spent: 5 - 10 minutes.


Domain Name Appraisal Software.

There is software like this selling right now for hundreds of dollars. You can find the formula people use by doing a little research and experimenting with some of the online appraisal services.

What the software does: Lets the user enter the details of a domain they own, they get asked a few questions about it and it pops up an estimated value based on an appraisal formula.

How to make it:

  • Make a simple template that says “xyz domain name is appraised at $xxxx”
  • Insert tags for the domain and value.
  • Set up SPM to ask the relevant questions and do the simple math to get the value.
  • It can simply output the value on screen but you could also have an option to print.
  • Hit the BUILD button.

You could also put links to places they can sell their domain (these of course would be affiliate links that pay you commission – you could even give the software away for free and still make money!)

Total time: 1-2 Hours approx (depending on how quickly you do the research).


Download and Order Page Creator.

Making attractive download and order pages doesn’t have to be difficult – and you could multiple versions of this that suit the various payment processors requirements. A lot of new Clickbank vendors don’t have a clue how to create a download page.

What the software does: Makes a download page that meets the requirements of the chosen payment processor (eg; Clickbank).

How to make it:

  • Build a nice generic template that meets the requirements and lets the user select up to 4 files which will be made downloadable from the page.
  • The software puts everything that needs uploading into a single folder.
  • With SPMs file selection feature they could even specify the header graphic for the page.

Total time spent: 15 - 30 minutes.


Personalized Story Book Writer.

There are people making a killing on gig sites like Fiverr at the moment by offering to do a customized fairy story with your childs name and favorite things mentioned in it. You could make software that produces these stories in pdf format, you could even put illustrations in!

What the software does: Asks for a childs name, their age, their best friends name, and outputs a customized story in PDF format ready to email or print.

How to make it:

  • Write a ‘fill in the blanks’ story, put tags in the gaps.
  • Make it look pretty in your choice of html editor (just use a free one like Komposer).
  • With SPMs file selection feature they could even specify the header graphic for the page.
  • Make SPM ask the questions like “Childs name”, etc.
  • Set SPM to convert the output to PDF.[/black_tick_list]

Total time: 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on your story and template layout.


Social Media App Creator

In April 2011 I launched a piece of software called “Social App Creator”. In five months it did almost $50k in sales, over $28k of which came to me (the rest was affiliates, etc).

Here are the wso sales stats for the product:

I have since released updates to this and it is still sold today at and over the last few years has made me in excess of $100,000

And other people have released similar things that make different kinds of apps!  ​

What the software does: Asks a few questions and generates a simple Facebook Application.

Total time spent: 3 - 5 hours.

And I've only scratched the surface with that list!

Here's Another Twenty Ideas That Literally 
Just Popped into my Head...

Auto responder series builder, business card printer, greetings card generator, rental property evaluator, loan repayment calculator, mortgage calculator, banner rotator, Will writer, Legal form generator, coffee shop menu maker, invoice generator, press release writer, letters from santa software, tell-a-friend script maker, JV Contactor, Cheque/Check Printer, Government form filler, real estate details producer, newsletter maker, interactive quiz maker…

Its hard to stop once you begin thinking of ideas with this!

And when you start applying this to specific niches you can really come up with some easy to make, high ticket stuff that you can market to local businesses or sell online.

Just Check Out Some of The Amazing Features of Software Product Magic...

  • Create commercial, saleable software with no programming or outsourcing.
  • Create time limited demo versions of your software.
  • Optional registration system so you can capture users email addresses when they first activate your software.
  • Output to screen, as html, plain text or PDF, even create zip files!
  • Built in print engine meaning your software can print to any Windows printer.
  • Easy to learn and use, supplied with comprehensive manual and training videos.
  • Advanced features that no similar system has. Default values, built in calculations, conditionals and more!
  • Variable user data entry fields, text, multi-line, combo box, file selection for really pro looking software.
  • Automatically add or move files to a zip file* – ideal for generating "ready to install Wordpress plugins."
  • Click one button and your software automatically gets a load and save file system.
  • You own the software you make. Sell it, give it away, sell it with resell rights or master resell rights!
  • Create a branding tool so you can sell PLR branding rights to your software.
  • Built in Spinner can process Spintax in your files

Here's What You Get...

Your purchase comes with 12 full months of free updates and upgrades, lifetime access to our private Facebook group and Skype Mastermind and more!

Software Product Magic will be your best investment ever and the only thing you'll regret is not having purchased earlier!


Buy Software Product Magic Today, Try it out for a full Month. If you are not totally delighted with it, if it fails to live up to your expectations even a little bit, if for any reason at all you decide you are not completely satisfied, just email me and I’ll refund all your money.

No Quibble – No Questions Asked.

You have a full month to test out the software and see if it’s for you.

If at any time during that time you’re unsatisfied or are unhappy with your purchase or for ANY REASON decide it's not for you... just drop me an email to let me know. I’ll be happy to provide you with a prompt and courteous refund of the full purchase price on the spot.

Keep in mind that if I do issue a refund the software will no longer work. That’s only fair, right?

Seven Frequently Asked Questions...

Question #1. Will I really be able to create ‘recipes’ of my own? Does this come with any free recipes?

Yes! Creating the recipes really isn't difficult. Included in the package is a manual as well as a series of training videos that walk you through the process. You'll be creating your own in no time. Plus I've included a selection of examples including some of the ideas on the list I gave you earlier.

You can use these examples to learn from, edit them, mess about with them, even compile them up and sell them as your own.

Question #2. What if I get stuck or need help?

Software Product Magic has been designed with the non-programmer, non-techie in mind and as such follows a very easy to follow process. In the event you get stuck you can of course refer to the user guide, the example projects or the video tutorials. And if that doesn’t solve your query then you can ask in the mastermind group or open a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

Question #3. Will this make software for Macs?

No. This is a tool for Windows based PC’s. You will need a PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to run SPM and your customers will need computers that match the same requirements.

Question #4. Can I create brandable software so I can sell “White Label” titles?

Yes! The Pro version of Software Product Magic includes the facility to create a branding tool for your software (its as easy as ticking a few boxes). You can even control what they can and can’t brand. PLR software is huge business at the moment and this opens up an additional revenue stream that can bring huge profits.

Question #5. Are there any limitations to Software Product Magic?

As you may have gathered, software made using this system follows a formula. However once you get that formula you’ll find that the possibilities are endless.

Although there is no limit to the number of software products you can create with SPM, those products do have a structure and follow some guidelines.

Think of it like this: You can’t make a jet plane if you only have the parts and tools to build cars. You have to work within the constraints of the materials and tools that you have, but that said – there’s an awful lot of variety in cars.

Question #6. How much money will I make with this?

I cannot guarantee how much money you will make with this.

I don’t know anything about you or the level of commitment you are prepared to give to building your own software empire. I don’t know how motivated you are or how much effort you’re going to put into promoting and marketing the software you create with this.

With that in mind how could I know how much money you’re able to generate?

Anyone who sells any kind of business system and guarantees you’ll make $xyz is a liar. No one can predict your earnings potential without knowing a lot about you.

What I can tell you is that myself and others have successfully produced sellable software using this system and made good money doing it. There is no reason why someone who is self-motivated and is prepared to put in the time and effort could not easily duplicate what we’ve achieved.

Question #7. If I buy the Pro edition can I upgrade to the Enterprise version later?


In fact this is what most people do unless they already have a very clear vision of what they intend to create with SPM. For most people Pro is the right choice and will do all they need and more. As they begin to make good money with it they also see how the extended features of the Enterprise edition will enhance their products and so they upgrade.

Upgrade price if ordered during the first 12 months are simply the difference in price (at the current selling prices) between the version you have and the version you want to upgrade to.

Outside the initial 12 months the fee is the difference plus 25%.

But whatever you decide to start with – you always have the option to upgrade to a higher edition in the future.

I look forward to seeing the software you build using SPM and hearing about the profits you’ve made.

Kind regards,


Andy Brocklehurst

P.S. I don’t believe in putting fake scarcity on my product pages with countdowns and imaginary discounts. If you come back tomorrow or next week the price will probably be the same and theres an excellent chance the bonus will still be part of the deal. The true urgency is that the sooner you get started the more ahead of the game you will be.

P.P.S. You don't even have to decide right now if this is for you. There is zero risk. Just get it, try it, ask questions in the mastermind and see what you can do with it in the first month. Because if you don't feel it's for you - I'll refund every last penny.

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